Volume I: County Durham and Northumberland

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National Grid Reference of Place of Discovery
Present Location
British Museum, no. 80.3-13.5
Evidence for Discovery
First mentioned in 1873 found during restoration of church
Church Dedication
St Cuthbert
Present Condition
Broken but unworn

A (broad): The top left-hand corner of an inscribed name-stone. The face is divided into quadrants by an incised cross, type F1, the arms of which reach the outer line of the broad incised border. The inner line of the border stops short before the arms of the cross. The inscription: (a) Within upper left-hand quadrant: A. The terminals are slightly seriffed. (b) Within border and terminals of cross-arms: Latin inscription, read clockwise, beginning and end only surviving. Insular majuscules:


 —.]INIB' II

The end of the inscription uses much smaller letters than the beginning, suggesting that it proved difficult to fit in.

B and D (narrow): Smoothly dressed.

C (broad): Roughly tooled.


Characteristic of this type of recumbent marker is the use of a fine stone, smoothly dressed; the geometric layout with half-round terminals for the cross is also found on name-stones at Hartlepool (nos. 2-4, 6-7) and Lindisfarne (nos. 24, 29 and 31-2). The Alpha and Omega is also found at Hartlepool (nos. 1 and 6). The inscription laid out in a lined border is, however, unique. Hübner (1876, 72) assumed, surely rightly, that there would have been an Omega in the upper right quadrant to balance the Alpha. He completed the border inscription thus:



First half of eighth century
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