Volume I: County Durham and Northumberland

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National Grid Reference of Place of Discovery
Present Location
Priory Museum, Lindisfarne
Evidence for Discovery
Found probably in 1920 in excavations below ground in doorway of south wall of priory church
Church Dedication
No Dedication
Present Condition
Broken. but unworn

This stone belongs to the round-headed group with tapering sides. Only one face is carved.

A (broad): A double-incised frame enclosing parts of two arms and the central roundel of a median-incised cross of type G1. The ends of the cross-arms are inset from the frame. There are two inscriptions:

(a) Upper left quadrant, in runes:

 h[. .—] II

(b) Lower left quadrant, in Anglo-Saxon capitals:

 [HA] II —

The `H' of the lower inscription could also be completed as `B'.


The carving of the cross, the border, and the lower inscription is deep and confident. The runes are, as on other pieces here, less deeply carved. The layout is poor, however, both in the proportions of the cross and in the large lower inscription.

First half of eighth century
Peers 1923-4, 260-1, pl. 50, 1; Ross 1935; Okasha 1971, 95, pl. 78

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